Self Storage


Don't build out.  Build up.

As the self storage industry has matured, the demand for multi-story projects has increased. Factors contributing to this growth include decreasing availability of land, rising land costs, the rise in demand for climate-controlled space and planning and zoning requirements.

Multi-story facilities provide more square footage in a smaller space. These complex units, which are typically 2-3 stories high, can be built on the side of a hill or on land where a standard facility would not be possible or the cost of changing the topography would be prohibitive. Building multi-story facilities is a specialty. Not all metal building suppliers are properly qualified to design and manufacture these structures. Through our Authorized Builder Network, we’ll guide you through every step of the process, including custom design, engineering and controlled manufacturing. All of these processes are industry certified for integrated quality, which reduces construction time and maintenance.

Boat & RV Storage

Our flexible design systems adapt easily to the requirements of multi-tier boat & RV storage.