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Vivid color. Eco-efficiency. Low-maintenance reliability. Nothing works better longer than our SmartKote® paints. This revolutionary coating system consists of PVDF resin, acrylic resin and ceramic pigments, which give the product its incredible color, durability (fade resistance) and energy-efficient “coolness.” PVDF resin chemistry is the most durable, long-lasting system on the market. It is transparent to the ultraviolet light that breaks down other coating systems. Whereas non-cool materials absorb a majority of the sun’s rays and generate heat, “cool” resins reflect them, keeping the paint coating itself cooler. This technology not only maximizes the life of your panels, it can ultimately lead to lower cooling costs.

The carbon-fluorine chemical bond in PVDF is photo-chemically stable (resistant to sunlight’s ultraviolet rays) and inert against acids, bases and chemical attack.

For high-visibility projects requiring even greater fade resistance and durability, SmartKote® PVDF coated panels offer another “cool” option. Having more choices gives you more flexibility and more options. And more ways to make your building a success. SmartKote®: The cool choice.

We offer a 35-year warranty on our SmartKote® paint finishes.

SmartKote® Color Chart