TEKLA BIM Software

Tekla BIM software for interoperability

American Buildings Company proudly partners with Tekla, a leading modeling software solutions provider. Utilizing Tekla Structures as a BIM software solution, ABC has ensured the interoperability of 3D with 2D systems to verify that all modeling is cohesive. Tekla Structures makes it possible to share model and drawing information with all IFC-compliant architectural modeling programs, creating open collaboration and interoperability and 3D building information models that can be utilized and shared by all buildings and construction disciplines. 

Tekla BIMsight is a free software application for building information model-based project cooperation. With Tekla BIMsight everyone involved with a project is able to view the BIM, at no charge. Enabled for Window-based tablet devices, Tekla BIMsight is available for downloading at . 

Tekla Structures provides an accurate, detailed, intelligent and data-rich 3D building inforamtion modeling environment. 

A unique XML link between Tekla Structures and Graphisoft ArchiCAD, allows architects and engineers to share and coordinate project information. Tekla software supports legacy formats, such as DGN and DWG with an AutoCAD drawing export, allowing engineers to create DWG files. The drawings can then be imported into the architectural drawing environment for production or referencing. 

Click here to download the Tekla Software.